About US

About the Brand

Clothes that are specifically designed thinking about curvy and plus size woman.

Feel even more beautiful and special wearing what was made for you.


About the owner (why I created the boutique)

For many years I have been using 'regular' shops to buy clothes for myself.

I used to enter the physical shop or the website and go straight to the 'curvy' or 'plus size' section, but the first impression that I had from that shop is that the majority of the clothes were made for someone else. The 'home page', for the websites or the mannequins for the physical shops were always portraying a slimmer woman, and that couldn't be unseen until I went to 'my space'.

As the years went by, I began searching for exclusive shops or boutiques to make me feel included and seen, and to be sure that the clothes were made thinking about women like me.

I found very good ones, but haven't found one that made me have the sense of belonging, so I decided that I sould make one for every woman out there who still haven't found it.

More than a boutique or a shop, I want it to be a good experience as you travel through the site. 

I want to hear your thoughts, your feedback, give you a beautiful comunity where you can be yourself and feel very special about it.

I hope that you enjoy this journey aswell.